etc Design Ltd have prepared proposals for a 47 house addition to the rural village of Condover in Shropshire, on what is currently low quality farmland.  The proposals have been carefully considered to not only create a beautiful environment  for new residents to enjoy, but also to create places which would benefit the village as a whole.  By including a large open space at the heart of the development, in additional to the proposed 'village green', land which is currently inaccessible to the public becomes a community resource.

The site is subject to a number of constraints including a long strip of potentially significant archaeological importance, which has been preserved in the designs, rare newts on site who have been provided with their own Hibernaculum.  In addition to this difficulties with surface water drainage have led to the proposals incorporating a drainage pond within the open space.

The construction of these dwellings will allow a number of enhancements to be made to existing facilities in the area.  A piece of the site has been set aside for the local Primary School to increase their playing fields, and issues raised by local residents regarding school traffic have led to the inclusion of an improved and dedicated parking provision for the school.  In addition to this, at the school's request, the provision of an additional classroom has been offered to the Local Authority.  With the ever increasing popularity of allotments, and the subsequent lack of availability, a set of 16 allotments have been incorporated into the designs, alongside a new children's play area, creating leisure spaces for all ages.

By considering a large number of factors at an early stage in the process, the designs were able to balance the many requirements of the scheme and create an enjoyable environment for all.


Morris Property

Number of Houses

47 Houses 

Project Team

Architect: etc Design Ltd, Client Representatives, Planning Consultant: Les Stephan Planning