Spatial & Curriculum Analysis

etc Design Ltd work with studio:planA to offer a curriculum analysis and spatial planning service for education providers, including High Schools, UTCs, Primary and Free Schools as well as Universities and FE Colleges, offering clients a comprehensive analysis of their spatial usage and requirements. The three stage process is predicated on a full understanding of need and employs a variety of techniques which amongst others includes full curriculum analysis, detailed interrogation of current usage and ambition, and culminates in an option development exercise concluding with firm recommendations.

The space analysis approach developed by studio:planA can help the Institution to:

• Model how much and what type of space will be needed based on strategic plans.
• Calculate how much space is affordable.
• Assess site capacities.
• Inform plans for relocation, consolidation or rationalisation.
• Assess the space implications of course restructuring and new delivery models.
• Identify scope for improving space utilisation.

The three key stages of assessment are:

Stage One: Identifying Spatial Need
Stage Two: Developing a Tailored Space Model
Stage Three: Outline Development appraisal

The outcome of this systematic approach gives prospective clients confidence that the emerging proposals and subsequent design solutions are tailored to their specific requirements and ensures optimum value is achieved.


Further information can be found on the studio:planA Website