etc Design Ltd prepared a number of alternative proposals for a village extension in Montford Bridge.  Each of the proposals varied in size and scope, though all took advantage of passive solar design principles to allow any buildings to make best use of the sun's natural light and heat.  Following extensive consultations and assessments of housing need it was established that a smaller proposal of 34 houses would represent the best opportunity and would increase the village without overwhelming it.

A number of options were considered for inclusion within the scheme alongside housing, such as a village store and community centre, however following viability studies it was considered unlikely that  a viable business model could be established for a store, and as such it has since been discounted.

As with all our masterplans the affordable housing required by the County Council is distributed throughout the scheme.  This has previously and continuously led to a higher level of upkeep by residents and subsequently maintained the amenity of developments.  The variance in size of the properties is reflective of the anticipated need in the locality, with houses of all sizes distributed in a random fashion, mirroring the arrangement of homes within the existing village.


Morris Property

Number of Houses

34 Houses 

Project Team

Architect: etc Design Ltd, Client Representatives, Planning Consultant: Les Stephan Planning