Project Description

The brief for this project was to create a purpose designed, low energy house on a piece of land to the rear of our client's existing home.  Through thorough exploration of the brief it emerged that a Passivhaus would suit their needs best, so the design was reworked slightly prior to applying for planning permission to better suit Passiv principles, windows were amended to give the best balance of daylight and themal gains/losses, a bay window was revised to an externally structured balcony, and walls were increased in thickness to accommodate increased insulation levels.  The clients wanted to have a home which retained elements of the traditional wood frame of their existing property with a more modern overall appearance, leading to the quirky humbug design.

Mr and Mrs Jeggo

Floor Area
165sq. m

Construction Cost
£275,000 approx.

Project Team
Architects: etc Design Ltd, Structural Engineer: Chmiel Overton